Acrylic on canvas

Size: 22” x 32" (56cm x 81cm)








'Beneath the cobblestones'

  • What do you see? Sunset? Mountains? Waves?


    This statement artwork is packed with detail & if you look long enough you may notice the view changes depending on perspective. A fluid painting base peaking through the grey cobble stone or pebble like shapes hand painted over the top. Some bordered with complimentary outlines to accentuate the organic shapes and movement in the piece. It is a merging of old & new techniques that has this lively artwork really fitting the ‘eclecticism’ genre


    Media: Acrylic on canvas

    Signed with Certificate of Authenticity 


    The artwork has been superimposed into the interior image (photo by Felix) and may vary from the exact scale. Please refer to the dimensions given in the 'Description' for accurate sizing. 


    Please note:

    On different devices colours may vary slightly.


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