Neon 1
'Pixel' - Gallery Shot
'Sky Bloom'
'Sky Bloom' - Interior Image
Collection Image
'Pastel Petals with Gold' - Detail 2
'Pastel Petals with Gold #2' - Detail 4
Petal Minis
'Rose Bloom'
'Rose Bloom' - Detail
'Rose Bloom' - Interior Image
'Wild Blooms'
'Wild Blooms' - Detail III
'Wild Blooms' - Interior Image
'Flutter' - Detail 1
'Bloom' detail shot - 4
Thick Series
'Somewhere between sea and sky'
'Along the road to Hopetoun' - Detail 1
'Along the sunburnt coast'
Painted Soul Exhibition
'Painted Soul Series' - Artworks
'Electric Blue'
'Inner Child'
'The Big Wave'
'The Big Wave 2'
'Untitled Landscape'
'Coloured Coral Two'
Petals on Paper - #2
'From Oz with love'
'Falling under water'
'Detail of larger artwork'
'Sea View'
'Soul Flight'
'Pastel Haze'
'Distraction V'
'Windows Series'
'Distraction III'
'Sea of Stars - White Box Frame'
'Sea of Stars'
'Coloured Coral'
'Ocean Whisper'
'Rusted Bloom'
'Subtle Sentiment Series'
'Subtle Sentiments Series'
'Subtle Sentiments Series'
'midday at the waterhole'
'midday at the waterhole'
'Rosea Flumine' (Pink River)

Custom commission Triptych 3x (24 x36")

'Nota Locum' (Familiar Place)
'She' - Detail
'Private Collection'
'Freedom Collection'
'Freedom Collection' - Interior Image
'Freedom Collection' - Detail