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Jess Swan is a self-taught abstract artist based in Perth, Western Australia. Known for her vibrant, colourful mixed media paintings created in a purpose-built studio in the heart of her home, where she lives with her husband and four young children.


In her brief artistic career, her distinctly playful style has become internationally renowned with works finding homes in private collections around the world -

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With an eye for colour, aesthetics and a curious nature Jess is continuously driven to develop and evolve her artistic learning's through paint play and media experimentation. This ever-evolving process is perceptible within her unique artworks which are bright, intuitive and free flowing with little pre-planned outcome of the finished composition. Getting lost in her own self discovered process allows the layers and colour relationships to direct her compositions organically, giving each piece an aesthetically pleasing quality.


Deeply influenced by her love of colour and nature, with a background in interior design Jess’ artworks display a seamless balance of painterly details and expressive fluidity.  Her inspiration usually comes from within, intentionally honing in on her most joyful memories to recreate that essence of happiness in every painting. Playful textures offer a multisensory experience to the viewer. Each painting begins with a colour obsession, a dream or constant thought and evolves intuitively. 

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